Women’s Shoes

Women…look in your closet! How many pairs of shoes are there? Now…think about how many of those you have actually worn in the last six months!

Women’s shoes are usually purchased based on their style, or because they are needed to complement a certain item in your wardrobe or because your friend told you that she liked them. They are taken out of the box and placed in the closet and there they will likely remain…mostly neglected because they went out of style, they were the wrong color or just didn’t fit right.

When you are shopping for women’s shoes, your first stop should be AlegriaShoeShop.com. There you will find shoes that you will not only wear, but that you will want to wear every day! Our selection of styles, colors and patterns is huge!

Comfort, quality materials and style are so difficult to find in women’s shoes—you usually have to settle for 2 out of 3 of those features! In Alegria shoes, you can have it all…and at a fantastic price, delivered to your door.  What more could you ask of a shoe source?

Alegria’s women’s shoes have many more attributes than most shoes on the market today. Our superb workmanship and quality materials provide not only functionality, but allow you to wear the shoes you love for a long period of time. The inner sole, which is the area to show wear before the rest of the shoe, is removable and replaceable! Not only can you extend the life of the shoe, but it is easy to insert your custom orthotics into the shoe.

The functionality is built-in to these women’s shoes, with some features not found in other shoes…slip-resistant soles, stain-resistant uppers and a footbed that is made of  cork, latex and memory foam to ensure a custom fit every time you put on the shoe. The leather inner sole is designed to keep your foot dry, even after standing and walking all day. Even the carefully engineered outer sole is designed to promote better posture and better alignment of your spine and joints, so that you won’t feel exhausted after a day on your feet.

It is clear that women’s shoes that are offered at AlegriaShoeShop.com are designed with the comfort and style preferences of women in mind. It is also evident by our volume of repeat customers, that once they experience the comfort, functionality and fashion of Alegria shoes, they become collectors!

All during the year, we offer new styles, patterns and colors that will make a fashion statement, whether you wear them to work, with jeans or for a night on the town. The one thing that you can count on is that your feet won’t hurt at the end of the day (or night) and you will have received many compliments on your great shoes!

If you are a nurse, teacher, doctor, sales associate or anyone who spends long hours on her feet, you will understand the term “happy feet” when you become a collector of Alegria shoes.

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