Wide Shoes for Women

Alegria shoes are known for their total comfort, support and quality materials. They last longer than most shoes, because their life can be extended by replacing the footbed! How clever! That’s usually the first place to show wear, irritate your foot and force you to throw away an otherwise wearable shoe!

Well, these comfortable, supportive shoes are not only available to those with medium width feet; Alegria has many styles available in wide widths. Most of the Professional collection is available in “Wide.” When ordering wide shoes for women, just click on the style that you want to purchase and look in the lower right corner for the “FREE Wide Option” and click the box.  That’s all!

Alegria understands that wide shoes for women are not always easy to find, but they know that everyone deserves the comfort of an Alegria shoe…why not make them available to everyone? Many shoe manufacturers do not even bother to consider the need for wide shoes for women and continue to offer only medium-width shoes.

All of Alegria shoes come with the same quality materials and engineering that makes them the preferred shoe for those who are on their feet all day. If you notice…and you WILL notice…the unique styling of an Alegria shoe is everywhere—in hospitals, doctor’s offices, hair salons and wherever people need shoes that will support them through a hard day of standing and walking for hours.

Even the removable footbed that is one of the most popular features of Alegria shoes, has a replacement footbed available for the wide width shoes, as well.

Some of the features of an Alegria shoe that will appeal to those looking for wide shoes for women are the slip-resistant outsole, the stain-resistant uppers in the Professional group and the patented footbed. Our footbed becomes customized to fit your foot after a few wearings, due to its construction using a combination of latex, memory foam and cork. This unique footbed keeps your foot from slipping inside the shoe, which causes skin irritation and blisters. Every feature in an Alegria shoe is designed to provide you with the best support, foot health and comfort available. Even the insole is made from fine leather that allows your feet to breathe, thus eliminating the uncomfortable moisture problem when walking for hours on man-made insoles.

The outsole is engineered to roll the foot in the proper position to offer support and lessen pressure on the heel and central metatarsal area. All engineered to keep your spine properly aligned and alleviate stress on your leg muscles. When your feet are happy, your entire body is happy. It’s not a coincidence that Alegria means “Happiness” or “Joy” in Spanish!

Wide shoes for women don’t have to be boring! The huge selection of styles, colors and patterns in the Alegria collections will allow you to have a collection of comfortable, quality, supportive shoes, no matter what the width of your feet!

You will find that after walking “a mile in our shoes” you will become one of our collectors! Most people can’t have enough styles, colors and patterns of Alegria shoes in their closet!

In the Professional collection, the Debra style even has a “Fireworks” style! Imagine going to watch a fireworks display with your own version on your happy feet!

Some of the testimonials that we have received make us happy, too! The Alegria shoe is so attractive and unique that one woman wrote that her doctor’s appointment was delayed by 20 minutes because all of the nurses wanted to see and try them! Another said that after three foot surgeries, she was always in pain when walking. After wearing Alegria shoes for three days, she was walking pain-free, something she hadn’t been able to do for years. Now THOSE     are happy feet!

When shopping for wide shoes for women, look no further than Alegria…your feet will thank you!

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