The Sonya

If you are a nurse, hair stylist, retail associate, stay-at-home mom or anyone who is on their feet for long hours at a time, the Alegria Sonya style should be on your shopping list. As with all Alegria shoes, this new style is engineered for comfort and support with high-quality materials and designed with your wardrobe in mind! This combination of comfort and style is not to be found in other shoes, where you must sacrifice comfort for style and style for comfort.

Alegria Shoe Shop carries all of the Alegria styles that a collector could ask for. Since many of our customers become collectors, the variety that we offer is a never-ending supply of the most comfortable, safe, high-quality shoes that are also a true value. The Alegria shoe lasts longer than others because the main item in the shoe that shows wear is the insole. Alegria shoes have a removable insole that not only can be replaced, but allows wearers of orthotics to insert their own orthotic in the shoe.

The unique footbed, made of a combination of cork, memory foam and latex molds to your foot, providing a custom fit to support your feet through long periods of standing and walking. Sonya is new to the Professional line of Alegria shoes and your feet will thank you for the support! Alegria shoes are engineered to always provide superior arch support and lots of room in the toe box—important features for added comfort. The hand-sewn leather lining and leather covered insole allows your feet to breathe and stay fresh and dry, even after hours of standing.

At the Alegria Shoe Shop, we care not only about your comfort, posture and value for your spending dollars, we care about your safety. The Sonya style has the Alegria lab-rated, slip resistant outsole and stain-proof coating on the leather upper. These features provide safety in areas that may contain wet, slippery floors or spills and also protect the shoe’s surface from being ruined due to liquids spilled on top of the shoe. The absorption of liquid spills into the shoe material is one of the leading reasons for shoes to be discarded. A permanent stain will ruin most shoes, but the Alegria Sonya will survive to be worn for many years. Many people wear sneakers, thinking that they have a slip-resistant sole, but that is not the case. Alegria shoes are lab-tested for slip resistance and have a rating of 0.48. Sneakers are not slip-resistant or stain-proof, therefore do not provide the most important features required in a medical setting. The Alegria Sonya should be your go-to shoe when comfort, safety and style are all important to you.

The Alegria Sonya has an adjustable Velcro strap, which adds to the list of features that provide a custom fit for every foot! With a heel height of 1-1/2 inches, the foot is held in a natural position, which encourages proper posture and relieves the stress on your back, while the slim silhouette adds to the fashion appeal. Of course, this shoe is available at the Alegria Shoe Shop in white, which is popular with nurses, and in other neutrals that will complement any wardrobe.

This Alegria shoe can be confidently worn to work or with your casual clothes—with scrubs, jeans or dresses—it is truly the “perfect fit” in every way!

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