The Seville

One of Alegria Shoe Shop’s most popular styles is the Alegria Seville style. This shoe has all of the comfort, safety and quality features that you expect in an Alegria product, with the addition of an adjustable swivel buckle strap that allows the shoe to be converted from a clog (swing the strap forward over the front of your instep) to an open-back shoe (swing the strap back behind your heel to secure the shoe in a custom-fit position). It is a true “convertible” and therefore serves double duty in your shoe collection.

The Alegria Seville is also ready for all seasons, with a complete selection of suede or leather uppers in many colors and patterns to complement any item in your wardrobe…casual or professional.

With the standard features of Alegria shoes providing amazing comfort and support for your feet, this combination of style flexibility and quality components provides the perfect work-to-play accessory.

Anyone who knows the comfort of working a long day in an Alegria shoe will tell you that their feet appreciate the care with which these shoes are designed and engineered.

The Alegria Seville is made to pamper your feet and when your feet feel good, your entire body feels better, your posture improves and you don’t have that exhausted feeling that sore, irritated feet can cause.

The solid rubber outsole cushions your steps, while the interior footbed is designed to mold to the natural shape of your foot by using a unique combination of cork, latex and memory foam. The footbed customizes the shoe to perfectly support your individual foot. This very special footbed can be removed so that you can insert any custom orthotics that you may have been prescribed. In addition, it can be replaced at any time, thus extending the life of the shoes…inserting a new footbed creates a new shoe…how about that for value? You will quickly realize the economic benefits of purchasing your shoes at the Alegria Shoe Shop…your Alegria shoes will become the go-to in your closet!

If you work in an environment where you may encounter wet or slippery floors or spilled liquids, you have no worries about slipping or staining your shoes. The Alegria Seville has a lab-rated, slip-resistant outsole and the leather of the upper has been specially treated to remain stain-resistant.

Your back will appreciate the mild rocker shape of the outsole, which is designed to promote proper foot position when walking and encourages correct posture. The 1-3/4” heel height gradually slopes downward to provide the perfect position for your feet as you walk. When your spine is properly aligned, the entire body benefits from the lack of stress on your back.

All of the features of the Alegria Seville work to your advantage due to the quality of the shoe’s construction. All Alegria shoes are hand sewn where possible, and are engineered to provide superior arch support and a roomy toe box.

Any foot, no matter the size, shape or condition, will benefit from wearing an Alegria shoe and the Alegria Seville is one of the most flexible styles available. While providing value, comfort, safety and quality, it is a truly stylish addition to your shoe wardrobe. You will quickly realize that Alegria shoes are an important component of any work or casual wardrobe and perhaps you will join the ranks of the many collectors of Alegria shoes! The huge array of patterns, colors and materials provide the perfect accessory to reflect your personality and your style sense!

You will enjoy the experience of shopping for shoes at the Alegria Shoe Shop.

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