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When Alegria Shoes was formed in 2008 by the leading maker of therapeutic shoes, their consideration of special shoe designs for various foot problems always remained on their “radar.” The designers and engineers at Alegria are always cognizant of the many ways in which a shoe design, materials and structure can contribute to the comfort of a wearer with medical, surgical or structural issues that affect the foot.

Just a small change in a shoe’s design can make a huge impact on the comfort level for the wearer. Those who need orthopedic shoes for various reasons will find the many unique features of Alegria shoes to be extremely responsive to their needs. People may require orthopedic shoes for many conditions of the foot, whether they are suffering from a medical problem, have had foot surgery, had an injury to the foot or are simply developing poor foot mechanics as they age.

There is a reason that Alegria’s very name means “Happiness” or “Joy” in Spanish…the founders want every customer to experience “happy feet!”

Wearing orthopedic shoes is not usually a happy situation, however, but Alegria shoes offer some unique features that allow a person to feel some comfort when they are experiencing a painful situation.

Orthopedic shoes, in most instances, have the same comfort and support requirements that most people enjoy. They need the shoe to support, stabilize and cushion the foot, while providing moisture control and extra depth and room in the toe box.

The unique design of Alegria shoes provides the features of orthopedic shoes in styles, patterns and colors that everyone can appreciate. The shoes are engineered to provide comfort and support above all else…they just happen to also be a stylish shoe that can be worn with almost anything in your wardrobe!

The features that Alegria is proud to incorporate into its shoes include a patented footbed that is comprised of cork, latex and memory foam. These layers provide a unique comfort level not found in other shoes. As the shoe is worn, the footbed conforms to the shape of the wearer’s foot, rather than the foot conforming to the shape of the shoe, as with most footwear.

Health care professionals specializing in the mechanics and care of the foot through the use of orthotic devices, pedorthists, strongly urge that orthopedic shoes must have a “torsionally strong, well-rockered midsole and outsole.” In layman’s terms, this means that the shoe should not be easily twisted out of shape, should hold its structure during walking and the sole should be firm, but guide the foot during every stride, to move properly, which reduces the pressure on the heel and central metatarsal area. Anyone requiring orthopedic shoes knows that walking so that the foot is moving properly can make the difference between a painful experience and the ability to walk in a normal stride. Alegria outsoles are designed to provide a “rocker” motion which is engineered to create the correct “roll” to ensure proper walking motion and to stabilize the foot when walking. Rocking and rolling are good things when it comes to a person’s walking motion!

Alegria shoes specifically uses fine leather for the insole material, to allow the foot to breathe and stay dry during long periods of standing or walking. The foot benefits greatly from this lack of moisture inside the shoe.

Orthopedic shoes should always have a deep, roomy toe box, so that the toes are not pushed together, which aggravates any sore or injured toes. This feature has always been an integral part of the Alegria design.

Many wearers of orthopedic shoes also require a custom orthotic which has been designed by their doctors. Alegria shoe designers take this need into consideration and have incorporated a removable insole into these shoes, which allows an orthotic to be inserted very easily.

Whether you require orthopedic shoes or just want your feet to be “happy,” you will enjoy the benefits of Alegria shoes.


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