Nursing Shoes

If you are a nurse, or if you know one, the most common complaint you will hear is, “My feet hurt!” Anyone who spends long hours on his or her feet doesn’t just WANT a comfortable shoe, they NEED a comfortable shoe!

Alegria is synonymous with nursing shoes. Our shoes are not only comfortable, but they serve many functions that are important in the nursing profession. Some nurses think that wearing sneakers is a good substitute for nursing shoes. They don’t realize that the support in Alegria shoes is so much better for their feet, posture and general well-being. When your feet are properly supported, your whole attitude improves! Nurses understand the value of good posture and the design of the outsole on Alegria shoes promotes proper alignment of the foot and spine, so that walking for hours will not result in sore leg muscles and aching, hot feet. The leather insole allows the foot to breathe, therefore, remaining dry throughout the day or night! The other feature that makes your feet happy is the unique footbed. Because it is engineered to gradually shape itself to your foot, it becomes a custom bed for your feet! The materials that allow this extra measure of comfort are a perfect combination of cork, latex and memory foam.

Other functions of Alegria nursing shoes include a non-slip sole, which provides safety in an environment where people tend to walk quickly and spilled liquids are commonly found.  This is a dangerous combination! Our non-slip sole is engineered to prevent a fall and keep the wearer safe.

The stain-resistant upper on our nursing shoes, is specifically engineered using non-porous materials. Therefore, when there are spills…and you know there WILL be spills…they will not ruin the shoes. A nurse working with a Foley tube can simply wipe off the offending fluid and continue wearing these comfortable, functional, stylish nursing shoes! Sneakers or most other shoes do not provide this benefit and the shoes would have to be thrown away after a spill becomes a stain on the top of the shoe.

Nurses have lately become bored with the standard white nursing shoes of the past! They want to add a bit of pizazz to their uniforms and their environment! Alegria nursing shoes are not just for wearing on the job…they will easily transition to a casual evening out at the end of the work day or to keep on at home when jeans are the preferred attire! Nurses have told us that they originally bought our shoes because co-workers told them about the comfort and safety features, but then they realized that these nursing shoes can easily be part of their daily wardrobe and are not just for wearing while on the job.

Nurses quickly become collectors of Alegria shoes in all styles. In their shoe wardrobe, the nursing shoes are soon joined by clogs, sandals and strappy styles! All of these are available in a huge variety of colors and patterns! Nurses can now make a fashion statement without sacrificing comfort or functionality.

With all of the benefits offered by Alegria nursing shoes, it is sometimes surprising to first-time buyers that they are such a value!  One would expect to pay a premium for the high-quality materials and carefully engineered structure, combined with the stylish designs. When shopping for Alegria shoes, you will be amazed…not only by the shoes, but by the affordability of these multi-functional shoes!

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