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We all know the most comfortable shoes are the ones at the front of our closet- the ones that we wear until they look shabby! All of the other shoes are worn only when necessary. We bought those to match a particular item in our wardrobe or, because they were a splurge item, we try to actually wear them once in a while!

What distinguishes the most comfortable shoes from the rest? Why do we believe the promises of new shoe companies that promise comfort, but don’t deliver? The biggest question of all:

”Why waste money on other brands when we know Alegria delivers on its promises every time?”

Most comfortable shoes have one thing in common—support for our entire foot. When our feet are properly supported, they are happy! They aren’t sore and aching at the end of the day. With that goal in mind, the designers of Alegria shoes developed their unique, patented footbed.  This feature is comprised of 3 layers, latex, memory foam and cork. This combination of materials allows the footbed to form itself into a custom-fitted “bed” for your foot. As you continue to wear the shoes, the custom footbed keeps your foot from slipping inside the shoe, which is the main cause for very uncomfortable blisters and skin irritations. Your foot stays in place and, as a result, you feel much more comfortable throughout the day.

The designers of Alegria shoes didn’t stop with one benefit, however! They have incorporated every method possible to ensure your comfort!

By using the highest quality materials, they added more features to ensure that theirs were the most comfortable shoes possible. By using fine leather for the insoles, they enabled the foot to breathe and, therefore, not create a high-moisture condition that is definitely the opposite of comfortable!

The removable insoles are another item that is seldom found in other shoes, but if you must wear orthotics, this feature is very important to your comfort level. It allows you to remove the insole and replace it with your orthotic. Even if you don’t wear an orthotic, you are able to remove and replace the insole, in order to extend the life of the shoes!

Comfort is a result of the body functioning without stress to the joints and without pain caused by friction on the skin and able to maintain good posture that keeps the spine in alignment, which promotes a feeling of well-being and confidence. Since Alegria shoes were created by the leading maker of therapeutic shoes in 2008, they have never lost their focus on providing comfort for the foot. Alegria means “happiness” or “joy” in Spanish and they truly want you to have “happy” feet!

The designers have engineered an outer sole that functions with a rolling motion that causes the foot to move properly- without slippage inside the shoe- and lessens the pressure on the heel and central metatarsal area. All of this engineering results in a body that is less tired and joints and muscles that don’t ache.

As you walk in Alegria shoes, you will surely feel that you are the proud owner of the most comfortable shoes that you can find. Our customers don’t just buy our shoes, they collect them! Once you know what brand brings you the most comfortable shoes, why would you purchase any other?  Alegria shoes are available in a huge variety of styles, colors and patterns, so there is no need to fill your closet with any more pairs of uncomfortable shoes!

Soon, you’ll become a collector and you’ll tell your friends to try the most comfortable shoes that you have every owned…and the final bonus…they are so affordable that you can easily have an entire wardrobe of them!

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