The Kyra

The Alegria Shoe Shop is proud to carry one of the most recently-added Alegria shoe styles, the Kyra. This style is another in the Professional line of shoes designed especially for nurses and others who are on their feet for long periods of time.

If you are a fan of the Mary Jane shoe style, this shoe takes the elements of that style and “kicks it up a notch!” The slim buckle strap closure gives it the classic look, while the trendy colors and patterns provide the updated design details.

Style and comfort combine in this practical, yet fashionable Alegria shoe. It is practical, in that it is designed for the professional who requires comfort, quality and safety, in addition to style.

The quality of Alegria shoes keeps our aficionados coming back for more…more styles, more colors, more comfort. So many of our customers become collectors of Alegria shoes and prefer our styles above any others in their closet.

The Kyra shoe encompasses all of the features that are important to nurses and other professionals. Safety is the first concern, when you work in an environment that includes frequent wet floors and spills. The lab-rated, slip-resistant outsole is so important to nurses—it places the Alegria shoe above most other brands. Even sneakers do not provide a slip-resistant sole.

In that same environment, it is important to have a stain-resistant surface on the top of the shoe, since any liquid dropped on most other shoes will create a permanent stain and therefore ruin the shoe.

Now for the comfort features…your feet will appreciate the leather-covered insole that allows them to breathe and therefore stay dry through a long 12 hour shift at work. The footbed will form to your foot’s natural contours, due to the combination of materials used for that purpose. The footbed is designed using cork, memory foam and latex, which allows your foot to be pampered with a custom-shaped interior. Shock-absorbent padding on the ball and heel of the foot provides welcome comfort with every step. The mild rocker sole creates the perfect stride when you are walking, so that your spine stays aligned and therefore eliminates the bad posture that causes so much stress on the back. The superior arch support and the roomy toe box are the finishing touches in the comfort department!

Although the Alegria Shoe Shop offers remarkably affordable prices, the quality of an Alegria shoe is never compromised. Every Alegria shoe is made with soft leather uppers and leather-covered insoles using hand-sewn methods wherever possible.

Many people who have custom orthotics are thrilled that the Alegria shoe has a removable footbed, so that they can insert their orthotic and still have all of the comfort and style that Kyra and other styles provide.

Making a fashion statement is easy when you are wearing the Kyra! The style is comfortable to the max, while reflecting the wearer’s personality and holding its own as the perfect accessory to both casual and professional wardrobes.

The Kyra has a heel height of 1-1/2 inches, which provides stability and support while the slim silhouette remains stylish. No matter what your style or color preferences, there is a Kyra shoe to complement your wardrobe. From snake-patterned leather in rich colors, such as bronze and cognac to solid color and multi-color embossed florals and patterns, there is a Kyra waiting for you at the Alegria Shoe Shop!

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