The Kaitlyn

Alegria Shoe Shop is proud of the next generation of professional shoes…made specifically for the nurse, hair stylist, retail associate or anyone on their feet for long hours.

The Alegria Kaitlyn style has a different look than the other Alegria shoes in your wardrobe. This shoe has an adjustable Velcro strap across the instep, which allows a custom fit. The strap is finished with a silver button to give it one more visual detail. As with the other Alegria shoes, the selection of solid colors, patterns and floral designs offers enough choices to complement anything in your closet.  Whether you wear scrubs, dresses, uniforms or jeans, this shoe is the perfect accessory. Your feet will thank you for choosing Alegria!

Just because the Kaitlyn is stylish, don’t get the idea that you will be sacrificing comfort! All Alegria shoes are designed for safety, comfort, support and style and are made with the highest quality materials and workmanship.

The lab-rated, slip-resistant outsole is important for anyone working in an environment where there may be spills or wet floors. The stain-proof leather top of the shoe provides protection from spilled liquids—they will not ruin your shoes by absorbing the spill, as most shoes will. Your Alegria shoe will outlast any shoe in your wardrobe, since they are not only made of high-quality materials, but the insole is removable and can be replaced to extend the life of the shoe. This removable insole also allows you to insert any custom orthotic that you may have.

This insole is made of a unique combination of cork, memory foam and latex that conforms to the shape of your foot, so that every pair of Alegria shoes becomes a custom-fit, superbly comfortable shoe. This customized support for your arch and heel encourages proper posture and lessens the stress on your back and spine when walking and standing. The benefits for your spine are enhanced by the mild rocker-shaped outsole that encourages proper movement of the foot when walking. The Kaitlyn shoe is also lightweight, which adds to the all-day comfort your feet will experience. Another feature that your feet will appreciate is the leather-covered insole, which allows your feet to breathe and stay dry—even after long hours of standing and walking.

When you shop at the Alegria Shoe Shop, you know that your shoes are the most comfortable, safe, high-quality, long-lasting, stylish and supportive on the market. The Kaitlyn will be a welcome addition to your collection and we are certain that if you are not a collector now, you will be after wearing the Kaitlyn for an entire day! Alegria shoes have become the “go to” shoe for professionals on the move!

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