Diabetic Shoes

Ouch! When most people develop a sore toe as a result of rubbing on a rough patch inside a shoe, it’s a temporary condition. A heel rubbing on the back of a shoe—it will feel better in the morning. For a person with diabetes, these injuries are not minor distractions, they can become medical emergencies…some conditions can even lead to the last resort—amputation.

A diabetic wearing regular shoes is vulnerable to so many minor irritations and conditions that could cause major problems. The most common situation is “shearing.” This term refers to slippage of the foot inside the shoe, which causes friction on the skin over a period of time, which leads to callouses. A diabetic also has poor blood circulation, so the blood doesn’t travel to the injured area to help it heal. The worst part of this scenario is that due to a common side effect of the diabetes, there is an associated loss of feeling, so that the person doesn’t even feel the irritation until the callous becomes ulcerated and then we are moving into the crisis period.

Diabetic shoes are designed to prevent these injuries to the foot and toes. The requirements for diabetic shoes are also found in Alegria shoes.

There are several design features that are crucial to the diabetic person. Diabetic shoes must have a deep compartment, to avoid rubbing the top of the foot on the inside of the vamp of the shoe. There must also be a large toe box to avoid friction on the toes that can lead to those major problems. The interior of diabetic shoes has little stitching to rub against the skin and cause friction. Another feature that Alegria shoes share with diabetic shoes is the stability factor. A well-designed outsole must be engineered to guide the foot into the proper position through each stride and hold the foot firmly in place, to avoid slippage. The assisted walking pattern that results from Alegria’s outsole structure creates a stable platform for the foot during each step. Our outsoles are designed to provide stability by maximizing contact with the floor.

The fine leather insole in Alegria shoes also prevents moisture from being an issue. It allows the foot to breathe and that keeps the foot dry, which is important to everyone.

Our shoes also provide minimum slippage inside the shoe with the patented footbed. By utilizing 3 components, cork, memory foam and latex, we are able to create a custom “bed” for the foot. As the wearer walks in our shoes, the footbed fits the natural shape of the foot, so rather than the foot trying to fit itself to the shoe, the shoe is fitting to the individual’s foot. This creates yet another layer of stability by holding the foot in the proper position without slipping inside the shoe.

Many of those suffering from diabetes must wear orthotics to assist with balance or hold the foot in a certain position, depending upon the condition being treated. Alegria designers have once again planned for that requirement by providing a removable insole to allow insertion of a custom orthotic.

Alegria shoes meet the most important safety standard of diabetic shoes…they must have a non-slip sole to prevent injury to the wearer.

Our shoes have these features available in every shoe, so you can be stylish and take advantage of our huge variety of styles, patterns and colors, in both men’s and women’s sizes. Whether you have diabetes or not, you will have the peace of mind that comes with wearing a shoe that is made of quality materials and designed with every feature to provide your feet with support and comfort…all at a price that is affordable!

Enjoy shopping for your high-quality, affordable shoes…your feet will be happy that you did!


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