Comfortable Shoes

Everyone is searching for those elusive comfortable shoes! We have closets full of the rejects…the ones that we bought thinking that truly these are the ones that will provide that comfort…only to find that they fell short of the promise!

Whether we require comfortable shoes because we are in a profession that requires long hours of walking and standing, or we just want to know that we can go about our daily routine without ending up with sore feet, it’s comfort that we seek.

We have tried the sneakers, the rubber soles, the flip-flops and the sandals. Every promise is quickly broken when we realize that we are sacrificing style, value or function. We can never seem to find all of the desirable qualities in one shoe.

Well, all of you seekers of comfortable shoes, Alegria is here to solve your predicament!

Alegria customers can attest to the fact that they sometimes purchased our shoes for reasons other than comfort…perhaps the unique style, maybe the quality materials or the carefully engineered details, such as the removable insoles that allow replacement of the insoles to extend the life of the shoe or the insertion of your orthotics. They soon found that comfortable shoes were hiding within their functional, stylish shoes! What a great discovery that was!

Now, what makes these comfortable shoes so comfortable? Our designers have engineered Alegria shoes to incorporate several features that result in the overall comfort you will feel the first time you wear them.

One of the first things that make our feet do a happy dance, is the most basic feeling that they crave…to stay dry all day! Sweaty feet are not happy feet…they feel just terrible, which causes the rest of your body to react in a negative way to…well, just about everything! Alegria shoes are made with top quality materials that include a fine leather insole. This allows the foot to breathe, unlike the feeling of walking on man-made materials, thus staying dry.

Comfortable shoes also require good support. This is provided in Alegria shoes by the “anatomically correct” footbed, which is comprised of cork, memory foam and latex. As the shoe is worn, the footbed conforms to the shape of the wearer’s foot, thus providing a custom “bed” for the foot. Rather than the foot conforming to the shape of the shoe, the footbed conforms to the wearer’s foot…just another unique feature of our comfortable shoes!

When your feet are hurting and perhaps sliding around in your shoe, your leg muscles begin to ache, your feet hurt and your posture suffers. We feel that comfortable shoes must provide strong support and guide your feet during every stride, so that the spine is properly aligned. When the foot moves properly, the pressure is lessened on your heel and central metatarsal area. All of this support means that your legs, back and feet are not feeling strained or overworked and your entire body feels better and this impacts your attitude and general feeling of well-being.

All of that from a shoe! Imagine the difference in your body language and your confidence, when you aren’t suffering from aching feet.

Even the toe box is designed to give your toes some “wiggle room” to enhance the comfort level of the shoes.

Here, you will always be overwhelmed with the variety of styles, colors and patterns available…and all of the shoes will prove to you that they are comfortable shoes above all of their other qualities.

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