Best Walking Shoes

“Let’s go for a walk!” Do those words make your feet feel happy? Or…do you decline the offer because you can just anticipate the sore feet that you’ll experience after walking for a while?

Walking shoes may be the only thing standing between you and a pleasant walk with a friend!

Most of the shoes in our closets are purchased for their style or color, but comfort when walking a distance is not usually a priority. We have to intentionally shop for a shoe that will provide the comfort and stability required for a long walk.

The best walking shoes provide comfort, support and are built to hold the foot in the proper position during each stride, which decreases the movement of the foot inside the shoe—the main cause of blisters and sore feet. During the engineering and design phase of the best walking shoes, great attention is also paid to the “roll” of the foot as the wearer is walking. When the foot is positioned properly, the pressure is removed from the heel and central metatarsal area for a more comfortable walking experience. Not only do your feet benefit from this design, but your entire body feels less tired because your posture improves and there is less stress on your muscles, joints and back, which gives you more energy.

Alegria makes some of the best walking shoes, as attested by the huge number of nurses, hairdressers, sales associates and full-time mothers who not only buy, but collect our shoes! People who are on their feet all day, walking and standing, can testify as to the comfort of their feet.

The custom footbed of an Alegria shoe is another feature that is designed to hold the foot in the optimum walking position. This unique, patented footbed is comprised of cork, latex and memory foam in order to provide a custom fit…that improves with every step! This combination of materials is designed to conform to the wearer’s foot, so that your feet are not fitting to the shoe…the shoe is fitting to your foot. The best walking shoes have a goal to prevent the foot from slipping inside the shoe and Alegria has been designing with that goal in mind for years.

In all recommendations for the best walking shoes, weight is a factor. The lighter the shoe, the less energy is spent taking each step and the easier it is to walk quickly. Alegria combines all of its features and quality materials in a lightweight shoe…it’s hard to believe that so many benefits can be derived from walking in a light shoe!

Walking in any shoe that has a man-made insole produces unwanted moisture that causes foot problems and odor. Alegria uses only top-quality materials, including fine leather insoles, which allow the foot to breathe, therefore eliminating the extra-moist conditions for the wearer’s foot.

When you are searching for the best walking shoes, you need go no further than Alegria for a huge selection of comfortable shoes at affordable prices.  You’ll be amazed at the stylish colors, patterns and shoe types. From clogs to sandals, you’ll find many choices to take your feet for a walk!

With Alegria shoes in your closet, you will always be happy to hear those words, “Let’s go for a walk!”

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