The Alli

Part of the Professional line here at Alegria Shoe Shop, The Alli is a durable shoe with a slip-resistant bottom. This is an important distinction for a loafer style shoe, as quite often the flat bottoms have little traction. The upper part of the shoe is a beautiful printed leather that stands out to the crowds as well as it stands up to the rigors of the everyday professional.

The specially-designed footbeds incorporate memory foam to support your feet better than ordinary soles can. This ample support cuts down on foot fatigue at the end of the day, and can even improve posture while walking or standing. The memory foam aspect of the footbed means thew shoe can form a custom fit around your feet, following the natural contours. If you’re used to wearing custom orthotics, you’ll be glad to know that the Alegria footbeds are removable. In most cases this accommodates any custom orthotics you have, but we generally recommend you try them for fit before going out anywhere where you’ll be on your feet for a period of time.

The 1″ heel gently slopes toward the front for a natural-feeling standing angle. This rocker design allows weight to transfer from the back to the front of the shoe more easily while walking, which takes stress off the bottom of the feet to make this motion happen. That in itself can go a long way toward a more comfortable work day, alleviating some of the posture problems and back pain so many people commonly experience.

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