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At Alegria Shoe Shop, we understand you’re always looking out for Alegria Shoes on sale. Our shoes are already offered at quality prices. But now, you can purchase Alegria quality for up to half the price! We create the very best shoes to support the health of your feet. But maintaining healthy feet doesn’t mean you need to break the bank.

If you’re especially budget-conscious, we have great news for you!

You can easily find Alegria Shoes on sale under the “Sale” or “Closeout” tabs on our website. We reveal dozens and dozens of styles at greatly reduced price points – some as much as 70 percent off the original retail price! You can organize the list of Alegria Shoes on sale by price from low to high or high to low. You can sort by the most popular shoes or by a specific style. It’s also easy to sort shoes by age or according to availability. We can’t imagine a more convenient way to find exactly what you want.

Some Alegria Shoes on Sale Now

Violet Black Nappa – A shoe that goes with every outfit. This simple black leather sandal sports has a crisscross detail across the adjustable strap.

Belle Neon Love – This cute Maryjane style features many plump little multi-colored hearts scattered across a black background.

Lola Vert – An eye-popping grass-green wedge sandal, this cutie is adorned with a large silver buckle on top held in place by a set of slim double straps with silver braids.

Donna Sweet Music – This sassy clog shows off scores of musical notes marching across black patent leather with a cute silver side buckle.

Paloma Golden Elephant – Just as the name implies, this Maryjane shoe has golden elephants on a bright red background with a unique elephant-shaped decorative button.

With so many Alegria Shoes on sale, you really need to see them all for yourself! Take the time to pour a refreshing drink and prop your feet up to browse Alegria Shoes on sale. Whether you select a sporty sandal, a fashionable clog, or a more professional Maryjane style – or even some of all three – you are sure to be pleased with the wide variety of selections and the low closeout prices.

All Alegria Shoes, including our fabulous Alegria Shoes on sale, share features that combine to make them the healthiest and most comfortable footwear on the planet. These features include:

  • Removable insoles to allow you to update your shoes’ worn interiors or substitute needed orthopedic devices.
  • Leather insoles to promote healthy air circulation and provide arch support built into their anatomically correct design.
  • Rocker outsoles to produce a natural roll as you walk that lessens pressure points and increases good posture.
  • Extra-depth to give you a roomier fit that feels heavenly for your toes.
  • Flat bottoms to increase stability by assuring maximum floor contact.

As always, with Alegria Shoes on sale, you enjoy free shipping for all domestic orders. International orders will vary.

All Alegria Shoes on sale purchases are final and items cannot be exchanged. Returned sale items will generate either 100% store credit or 80% refund.


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