Alegria Shoes for Nurses

Nurses LOVE Alegria shoes! We can easily make that claim based upon the thousands of nurses who rely on the comfort, style, safety and engineering of our shoes. They rarely have only one pair, because these shoes give them an opportunity to add some pizazz to their wardrobe full of standard uniforms and scrubs.

Safety in a hospital environment has to be the top priority. Nurses have stated that trying to save money by wearing sneakers, instead of properly supporting, comfortable, non-slip, STAIN-RESISTANT shoes is a bad idea for many reasons.

They complain that, especially when they need to walk fast or run toward an emergency, slipping on a wet spot on a floor has caused many injuries…sneakers do not have a non-slip sole.

Any nurse who has worked with a Foley tube, does not require an explanation as to why the stain resistance of the top surface is important! The porous surface on the top of a sneaker can allow, shall we say, bodily fluids, or other liquids to leak through the surface and provide a most unpleasant result inside nurse’s shoes. Not only unpleasant, but unhealthy and not the kind of aroma that one would like to bring home with them after work!

In addition to the safety factors, the benefits of comfortable support for a nurse’s feet are paramount. Long hours of walking and standing on hard floors can be detrimental to one’s posture, spinal alignment, leg muscles and general well-being. We all know that when your feet hurt, your entire body feels the pain and your attitude and demeanor are impacted.

Alegria shoes have been engineered with a combination of unique design features to provide the most comfort, value and innovation in a shoe that actually has fashion sense! Women and men are conditioned to believe that you can have either style OR comfort, but never both in the same shoe!

Alegria begs to differ!

Nurses have submitted testimonials that explain they bought their first pair for the comfort and safety features, but realized that these shoes are an opportunity to bring some style to brighten their otherwise dull wardrobe.

The huge variety of styles, colors, patterns and features allows the wearer to express their personality each day. Our customers quickly become collectors and seldom have only one pair.

Value is a word found in many of our customers’ testimonials. They have realized that one good pair of comfortable shoes has benefits that far outweigh having five pair of sneakers.

Alegria shoes have been engineered to provide long-lasting comfort, safety and support. For instance, the removable insole allows you to replace it when worn, which extends the life of the shoe. It also offers the opportunity to insert an orthotic into the shoe to make it easy to follow the instructions of your podiatrist. Using leather insoles that are breathable gives your feet a “breath of fresh air” rather than being trapped inside man-made materials all day…and we know the result of that situation! The “rocker” outsole is engineered to roll naturally, which tones your leg muscles, produces perfect posture and reduces stress on joints and back, all of which makes you feel better and more energetic throughout the day.

Nurses can truly benefit in so many ways by wearing Alegria shoes. When you find a shoe that can provide comfort, safety, style, healthy posture and value…why look any further? Enjoy shopping for your next pair of Alegria shoes and knowing that you are purchasing something that will benefit your entire body.

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