4 Tips for the Fashion-Forward Teacher

You’ve got parent-teacher conferences this week. That means two things: your days are even longer than usual, and you’ll suffer through the extra hours in your best clothes. Too bad sweatpants don’t shout “professional,” right?

But this isn’t your first rodeo. You’ve got some professional-looking outfits planned for the week ahead. When it comes to impressing parents, age-appropriate pantsuits and dresses go a long way. The only problem is that these outfits only seem to match with some wince-inducing heels.

Why is it that fashion and comfort never seem to coexist?

For decades, comfort and fashion have fought a fierce battle. But with the right choices, you can turn that fierce conflict into a fierce fashion statement. How is this possible? Read on to find out how to turn your teacher wardrobe into an arsenal of style just by changing your perspective.

Back to Basics

Although it doesn’t seem so fashionable, stick to some clothing staples when you shop. Look for versatile solids of neutral colors: black, white, navy, brown, and gray. The following items are great pieces to always have in your closet:

  • Simple black pencil skirt
  • Button-up white blouse
  • Navy or brown blazer
  • Gray slacks

Although the colors may vary, these pieces will help you mix and match. It’s a good idea to spend a little more on the basics because these are the articles of clothing you’ll be wearing quite often.

You may wonder how someone can wear the same basics over and over without looking too repetitive. The key is to pair your basics with fascinating and interesting accessories. Jewelry, belts, scarves, and shoes will all vary your look from day to day. These items are important too, but you should buy them from cheaper vendors. Which brings us to . . .

Thrift It Up

Working on a teacher’s budget can mean a lot of things, but in general, it means that you don’t have the resources for go shopping for designer brands. However, the vintage look is in its heyday, so now is a great time to wear some thrift store finds.

Do some research on different thrift stores in your area. There’s a difference between “new and gently used” versus “no one else wanted it.” You’ll soon find which stores carry viable clothing options, even if you have to dig for a bit. A fashionista on a budget does have to spend some time searching for deals.

You also have the option to shop online. Certain designer brands host online sales with discounts up to 80% off. These include renowned names such as Rue La La, Hautelook, and others. You can also hit up affordable retail stores with a huge variety of accessories as close as the nearest mall.

Shop in Your Closet

It’s surprising, but women have fantastic combinations they’ve never tried sitting in their closet. Discover these by keeping mental notes of outfits you see every day. What did you like? Could you replicate it from your own collection of clothing? If not, this will help you shop smart to buy items you know make a complete outfit.

Don’t underrate closet rotation, either. You will realize which items you may need to call it quits with, as well as rediscovering old

Mathematics tell us that you don’t need many items to make up quite a few combinations. Open your mind to what your closet can provide, and go from there. You might just love the new combinations you come up with, plus it’s a wallet-friendly way of shopping!

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Don’t overuse stilettos. Although they give quite the fashion statement, heels increase the general wear and tear on your feet. Parent-teacher conferences beg for comfortable shoes, so skip the heels. Despite what you think about sensible shoes, there are fashion-savvy companies catering to customers just like you.

You might have some outfits that feel tired and over-worn, but it doesn’t take thousands of dollars to solve this problem. Sometimes all it takes to freshen a look is a new purse or pair of shoes. Since shoes are so important to your daily comfort, let’s focus there. Any stylish teacher could use the following shoe staples:

  • Classy black flat
  • Practical brown slip-on
  • Business like boot
  • Whimsical wedges

These shoe options all provide style and comfort to a foot-focused workday. Even better, use your new found fashion sense to pair them with several outfits. With these flexible yet chic options, you can’t go wrong.

Take some time before your parent-teacher conference, work party, or dressed-up professional event to plan. Invest in basic pieces, thrift for fun accessories, and use your existing wardrobe for a successful soiree. You can create the ideal outfit.

Just don’t forget to choose some comfortable shoes, too. Remember, your evening only goes as well as your feet feel.

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